Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Could you be the most beautiful shoes in the world?

So beautiful-oh beautifu-ul.

Yes the purple dude had it right when he wrote that song - which was all about teva shoes - he admitted as much in a recent interview. Behold their majesty and glory.

Gnarkosi -grrrrrr (that's one of the womens on the left, others below). Yes i know i've broken my 1st rule and shown you too much (both colours in both mens and womens!) but i'm feeling generous because i've been waiting for these beauties to cross our doorstep for a long time (as many of you have). Oh man, they are a good looking shoe - built for wake skating and other watersports but i'll be wearing mine just to look like the coolest kid on the block. Which of course i am and will continue to be until you get some cooler shoes than me - then you can come and "serve" me but until that day you may as well stay at home cos my Gnarkosi's will rock your world.

Right - Mens Gnarkosi in a lovely colour called Mandrills nose/Butternut squash racket.

The fit as, as always with Teva, is spot on for most people - nice and roomy at the front with a heel oh so secure it makes me feel really safe.

Footwear and clothing companies like to attribute daft names to colours so i'm going to make my own up for all of these - if you don't like them that's ok, i will enjoy it in my tiny mind.

Right - A Mandrill

Ooh la la - womens in wizards gold/baboon anus. Yes i know, two simian references - it's just coincedence, don't be getting any ideas.

Another mens Gnarkosi - only this time in tarmac pie with apple and lime jus.

Mens Riva low - leather and leather.
And brown. This shoe does it all - except peel fruit for you (if you're a "peeler").

"Toachi" - pronounced "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me". Colour shown is turbot skin/old orange peel.

Nice sandals though.

"Churn" womens - a shoe for the water but you can use it for other stuff if you like - it likes it - just don't go thinking you can climb Carrauntoohill in them (that's a mountain)- oh and the colour is pavement/neon shallots/flange .

Above - Mens "Riva mid" like the Riva low but with a little more height - hence the "mid" monicker (that's like a pair of knickers only there's only one and not a pair). Colour shown is poo brown/dry poo black (it's not always white you know).

Womens "Tirra" sandal - designed for water use and surprisingly enough (as a womens sandal), the marketing informs us that it was "specifically designed for a womans foot" - well, well, wonders never cease do they. Looks nice when you're not in the water too.

Colour shown is dry stone wall/oh no Dave the streams broken through blue.


arrivaderci mes petits filous.


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Monday, May 30, 2011

Iveragh Walk

The amazing Atlantic Sunset!

The ridge between Beonn and Finneragh

The massive bulk of Mangerton looms ahead

Spreading out over the North Cork and Kerry skyline like a dinosaurs backbone is the Iveragh Ridge. It is part of a much larger ridge system which extends from the Knockmealdowns to the majestic Skellig Islands. To walk this ridge would take a couple of weeks. Not having the luxury of that time scale, Brian and Myself opted to start from Millstreet and walk from there south to Caherdaniel. This would involve over 60 miles of hiking and over 6000 metres ascent. To accomplish such a feat one needed good fitness and navigational skills, but most importantly a sick sense of humour!

Photos: Brian McDonnell.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Berghaus Freeflow 25% sale!!!

wooooohoooooo, it's sale time for rucksack lovers.

We currently have a range of Berghaus "Freeflow" rucksacks (you know the ones with the nice gap between pack and your back to stop ya getting all sweaty - see pic right) at up to 25% off - and most of them have that much off so hurry down and get one.

Come on, move it, move it (as they say in army movies, obviously i would never talk to you like that).

lots of love

mr hutch.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bodyboards and beach shoes

Once again, it's in the title.

Bodyboards with all kinds of cool designs on and beach shoes for everyone, from tiny kids sizes through to large adult sizes, we got them all.


Beach shoes - this is just a picture of some boys ones but the girls look just like them only in pink - and the adults look fairly similar too but in other colours.

Thanks for checking in.

Quality Berghaus Travel bags at daft prices

All in the title folks, all in the title.

We have the Luxury version of the Berghaus "Jalan" travel bag, cleverly called the "Jalan Lux" in both mens and womens, down from €200 to €150 - and this bag is the nuts.

Going travelling or want a more practical holiday bag than that stupid suitcase with heavy wheels you have - get this bag - it's lighter, tougher and cooler and you will be a better person if you have one.

These bags have zips that interlock to allow secure locking with small padlocks, special dividers inside for dirty/wet clothing (or stashing stuff you don't want anyone to know about), easily adjustable back systems and all manner of straps to choose from - panels that zip over your straps to keep them safe and sound when going through airport baggage systems and detachable daysacks that can be used on their own or attached front or rear - man i love this bag.

Mens - 70 + 20 (that's 70 litre main compartment and 20 litre daysack attached via zip at the rear).

Womens 65 + 20 - Same explanation as above for split of sizes, bag detachment, general all round coolness.

Buy one or you're an idiot.


this one's for the children.

Small children walk too slowly - yeah it's harsh but they annoy me with their tiny little steps and general malingering.

Now that was obviously a joke and you're not gonna just leave them on their own in the middle of town/the mountains just because they can't keep up so here is the answer.

Little Life Child carriers - As cool as cool can be and practical to the end - will carry children from 6 months to 3 years of age - any child of over 3 wanting to be carried everywhere has serious issues anyway. The smaller of the 2, the "Ultralight Convertible" (pictured right) has a massive front pocket which will hold 12 lites of stuff and will carry a total of 15kgs no bother.

The larger of the 2, the "Cross Country S2" (pictured left) will take 20 litres of stuff and a total weight of 20kg.

Thats it for those - they are badass, if you have small kids get one and don't look back.

Now, for the kids themselves, the coolest bags in town are back in town. I like to put mine on and pretend i'm a different kind of animal superhero every day.


"Ninja Turtleboygirl"!



Anyhow - they're back in stock, they're wicked beyond belief and you need one.


Monday, May 23, 2011

keep it safe

Wherever you are travelling, it's a good idea to keep stuff safe, especially your head (and money/passports etc) - wearing a helmet just for travelling is gonna make you look like a mentalist - and not the good sort like Keith Barry. If you happen to be partaking in an activity that requires such protection then we do sell helmets so buy one.

Now if you are some kind of skilled hunter-gatherer you may not need money but for the rest of us it comes in useful fo buying food and stuff, to save us from getting too skinny or massively dehydrated, two highly unpleasant activities. Also, if you are Carlos the Jackal or Jason Bourne, you may have many passports and not have to worry if you lose one/it gets stolen/a monkey sets it on fire. Again, for the rest of us, a lost passport/other important documents can be potentially really troublesome.

So, what ya gonna do? - Buy something that doesn't cost much but is easily concealable, super durable, slash proof (that means it can't be cut by some slimy pick pocket type and whisked away without your knowing - and believe me this can happen easier than you would think!). The waist pack above right is all these things and more.

We now have a range of products from Pacsafe which are just what you need for your travels, whether a weekend break in Europe to long term travel in South America and the Middle and Far East.

The rucksack cover/lock up device you see on the left is just plain awesome - you almost want to stick a note on your bag saying "come on then, try it". Now obviously if you leave your bag attached to a lamp-post in central La Paz/London/Dublin for 2 days, it might not still be there upon your return - but we are talking deterrents here, not concrete bomb proof shelters - you couldn't carry one of those with you now could you.

Other products include a funky little wallet with a chain (it's tiny), an anti-theft camera pouch and the slash proof neck pouch you see below - This comes with an anti-moisture lining and as with all pacsafe products, clever little compartments inside.

There are some products not on here (including that tiny wallet) as you know the score by now- I'm not showing you everything because we want to see you so come and see us. That's just the way it's gonna be.

That's all folks.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter

Oh yes i am - see my fire.

This wicked piece of kit is the Go System "base camp" expedition stove - see that fire, it's so hot that kierans eye's are melting and his horns have grown bigger than ever. I know, i know, you thought they were evil eyes but the truth is that Kieran is a cyborg and his metal eyes are just that hot they have turned red - turn that damn thing off man!, we need your android style skills a little while longer.

That very same fire could be cooking your steak and onions right now - for 10 of you - in 30 seconds - no sherbet sherlock, this thing is fast. It will also take such a massive pot/wok/ griddle on top of it, you can cook for a decent size group - if there's more of you, take 2 - or 3 - that's the beauty of it, they pack up smaller than a swans face.

But to be fair its kieran here stepping into andy's blog cause he is going crazy with this one.

I am here to give you some some technical info on this stunning bit of kit.

Am so

The Specs

- 286 x 362 x 380mm

-Net weight 915 grams

- Material stainless steel, Xalloy

-Power 3560 W



Yeah thanks cyborg boy, i can always trust you to have the facts and figures - man that kid is like some kind of stove information library - an automated version of our old friend Joe Cotter. Right, i've still got one more stove to tell you about - shame cos i really can't be bothered right now but here you go.

Go System "adapt" - stick in in your trangia when you need food in a hurry - yeah, trangia's are sweet but man they are slow - cool if you have like 4 hours to cook noodles but i need steak and i need it fast - and some chips please - and i'll have ketchup too. mmmmm.

here's a picture of it:


I think that's all of it and if it's not then tough, i've been typing for hours for you guys and where are you? - come on, come see us, we don't bite - well only in a nice way.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Columbia - the clothing not the country

So much stuff, so little space on the screen to show it all to you.

We have had rather alot of new Columbia stuff in recently, all of it rather dapper - These shoes, for example, are not only a fine gentlemans shoe suitable for trail running and walking they also look mighty fine when you are out on the town doing your thing, whatever that may be.

It's called the Master of Faster which, let's be honest is not the coolest name they could have come up with - Blaster of Pasta would have been way better but who cares, the shoes you have on now probably have some daft name that you are not even aware - lots of things have stupid names - cars, bikes, even children - but that doesn't stop us from loving them now does it. does it?

Once you put these babies on there is no going back - just come and try some on, feel them in your hands, love them, walk in them, run in them, feel them again - yeah you like that don't you.

For the girls there is this beauty, the new Switchback 2 - now there's a shoe name - sounds like it would cut your arms off if you even suggested it wasn't light and fast - which it is, obviously - and super comfy, Columbia really have nailed their fit recently and you WILL agree with me on this once you have tried them on. Sweet colours and waterproof too - oh yeah.

Switchback 2 omni-tech womens. Tasty.

There are 5 or 6 other new styles of Columbia footwear split across mens and womens but i've still got clothing to cover so you can go jump if you think i'm putting up pictures and descriptions of them all. They are all dead comfy, swift looking and more than fit for purpose so as i've said before, come and see us, try them on, you know you want to.

We also got loads of lovely clothing and again, as much as i know you want to see it all, that's not gonna happen - come on, you should know the game by now - i'll show you some, you come and see us and we'll show you the rest.

Right - Surefire womens softshell - not the best picture but the only large one i could find. It looks much tastier in real life. below left is the "swifty seeker" tank top/vest and the "psyche to hike" shirt/blouse thing.

We did get some mens clothing as well so here's some of it.

Silver ridge shirts - we got short sleeve, long sleeve, brown, grey and beige/pebble/sand/whatever you want to call that beige colour. We also got silver ridge shorts and trousers which are real nice - lightweight, fast drying and with upf factors 30 to 50 so no sunburn for you guys - skintastic. The trousers zip off to make shorts - kapow, 2 trousers in 1 - the shirts have double collars to protect your neck from the sun too -man they think of everything. Here they are in all their glory.

Oh and here's a nice waterproof jacket for only €95. There is also a sweet softshell but you are just gonna have to come see us/it.

That's it, job done, come see us and we'll dress you up in all this stuff like our own little doll/plaything - yeah you will love it - and so will we.

mmmmmmwwwwaaaaaaa xxxxxxxx

cabz are here - burgers for the boys.

tiny yet massive day pack


What packs up smaller than a pin head then gets like, 20,000 times bigger to make a 20 litre daypack that is extremely light and tough - don't know, well then let me tell you young pedawan - It's called the Sea to Summit ultrasil daypack and it kicks your and my ass.

Actually it packs up to about the size of a rabbits fist (you know, when they fight and stuff) and really is 20 litres when expanded - perfect for us fellas when it's too warm for a top or jacket with pockets and you don't want to be dragging that new gucci handbag around with you - just stick this in your pocket and forget about it, that is until you need it then kapow!, pull it out and wave it around cos you just saved the day captain bagface. Oh yeah and girls can use it too.

Below - the best bag ever made? - possibly.

later dweebs.

I will survive

Go on now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, cos you're not welcome anymore.

Yeah, that's right Gloria, you tell them - and you too can survive just like Gloria did with some of what just hit the store.

Adventure medical kits is the company, their speciality is this kind of thing and man they do it well at some damn fine prices - seriously guys, for the money these packs are chock full of goodies.

Survival pack - ideal for adventure races! - or any other situation where you need a super lightweight survival pack that comes in a waterproof bag and packs up small enough to fit into even the smallest of pockets.

Inside we have:

  • A survival blanket - a damn good one.

  • Slim rescue "howler" - a whistle that can be heard from over a mile away - you will be the dolphin of the hills.

  • "tinder quick" waterproof firestarters.

  • 20mm survival compass, liquid damped with fast acting dial.

  • Mini rescue flash signal mirror - for checking your make up in (or that your hair is straight, no one likes a messy runner/walker/cyclist).

  • Waterproof, windproof matches in a watertight vial with submersible striker.

  • Fishing and sewing kit - set up your own fishmongers and dress shop in the wilds of Kerry/The Burren/etc etc - you'd be surprised how strong the market is right now for proper homemade clothing and fish sandwiches.

  • Professional grade duct tape - mend anything - yes anything - or set up your own A-Team, pretend to be hannibal and walk around saying "i love it when a plan comes together" all the time.
"Weekender" first aid kit.

Made for small groups for short trips, hence the name - doesn't have to be a weekend, you could go Tuesday and Wednesday if you want and it will still work and be a great kit, that's how versatile it is.

If i listed everything it had in it we would be here all day, needless to say it's very comprehensive in it's provision for all types of first aid and potential emergencies.

I'll give you a teaser in the form of a picture - just look at all that stuff, how do they get it all in the pack?! - must be some kind of medicinal jiggery pokery - if you want to know more just give us a call or come in to see us - we love you so come on over any time you like (just not real late or before 9.30 cos we won't be here).

And last, but definitely by no means least, a cape of invisibility - no sugar sherlock, if you put this on and hide in a cave, no one outside the cave can see you - wicked.

It also works as a survival blanket - really light, will fit 2 people under/in it, reflects 90% of heat and is orange so that when you are not using it in "invisibility" mode, you can be seen easily from a long way off.

These two below show just how much fun one of these can be - look at their little faces.

bye for now

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new books just arrived in.


AUTHOR- Damien Enright

- Kinsale
- Courtmacsherry
- Clonakilty
- Ballydehob and Schull
- Skibbereen and Baltimore


Author- Adrian Hendroff


- Dingle Peninsula

- Iveragh Peninsula

- Beara Peninsula


Mountain, Coastal & Island Walks

Author - Paul Phelan


- Connemara
- The Maumturks and Joyce County
- South Mayo

- North Mayo

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New camping furniture

Yo, word up and all that.

Now that none of us can afford to go on foreign holidays anymore, maybe we will start appreciating what we have on our doorsteps - yes, we got carried away and forgot that the Irish hills and coastline are more beautiful than high rise flats in a town full of nightclubs that just happens to have a bit of sun (which our skin can't handle anyway). Now, seeing as we've woken up to that fact, the only way forward is "comfortable" camping. Unless you are backpacking or on a lightweight overnighter, big tents with tables, chairs, lights, a proper cooker and a cooler bag full of beer are the way to go.



Anyway, enough ranting, let me introduce the gear.

Vango table and stool set. Only €85. nice.

Gelert Gas stoves:

Single burner - compact, cheap and does the business.

Compact double - got this myself - solid - get the coffee on the go on one hob while your bacon is cooking away on the other. You want eggs with that? - all good. Also has grill - good for toast to go with my world famous fried eggs. This is part of the tradition.

Double burner with grill - panels at the side for wind protection - solid and also part of the tradition.

This not part of the the tradition.

What is that anyway? - it looks like it should be in one of thse mesh bags with a perch next to it. Sporks are for stabbing bacon or sausages then lifting it/them to your mouth. This person has it all wrong.

If you can't handle the cold you might want one of these.

We have them too - we have it all - oh yeah, yes we do, oh yeah.