Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quality Berghaus Travel bags at daft prices

All in the title folks, all in the title.

We have the Luxury version of the Berghaus "Jalan" travel bag, cleverly called the "Jalan Lux" in both mens and womens, down from €200 to €150 - and this bag is the nuts.

Going travelling or want a more practical holiday bag than that stupid suitcase with heavy wheels you have - get this bag - it's lighter, tougher and cooler and you will be a better person if you have one.

These bags have zips that interlock to allow secure locking with small padlocks, special dividers inside for dirty/wet clothing (or stashing stuff you don't want anyone to know about), easily adjustable back systems and all manner of straps to choose from - panels that zip over your straps to keep them safe and sound when going through airport baggage systems and detachable daysacks that can be used on their own or attached front or rear - man i love this bag.

Mens - 70 + 20 (that's 70 litre main compartment and 20 litre daysack attached via zip at the rear).

Womens 65 + 20 - Same explanation as above for split of sizes, bag detachment, general all round coolness.

Buy one or you're an idiot.


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