Friday, April 27, 2012

New Berghaus "Freeflow" packs

Yo yo yo - it's spring, the weather is (mainly) bright, Berghaus no sweaty back packs are in store now and Kieran has a bright pink mohawk (not a new axe, his hair) - If the packs aren't enough to get you down here, the haircut should be.

That's it, get down here - i'm not even going to put pictures of the bags up cause if a pink mohawk doesn't excite you in these days of pop idol, haircuts that look like a mr whippy and jeans that don't fit properly, then you, my friend, have lost the spirit you once had.

Ok, i'll put one up - but that's all you're getting you naughty boy.

Oh yeah, there are some Lowe Alpine ones in as well and they are also pretty damn sweet.

yabunka dos niner.


Hej min lilla pumpor - här är det, totalt knifage med eld start vansinne byggdes för din njutning och överlevnad - säg en stor tack till våra skandinaviska kusiner för denna mäktiga bit kit..

To our scandinavian cousins - we love you (and not just for your superb steel) and you should know that.

This is a wicked product - A superb all round knife with a 4 inch blade made from hardened Sandvik 12C27 swedish stainless steel (in non-techical terms, the fo-schnizzle of steel) - the back of the knife is designed to work perfectly with the firesteel. With 3000 strikes at 2,980 degrees celcius, this works perfectly even when wet.

Light my Fire have teamed up with Mora for this product as Mora have been making superb knives for over 120 years and it shows in the quality of the steel. It comes with a very nice sheath and has a high-friction rubber handle so that your hand doesn't slip.


Monday, April 23, 2012

With the arrival of our childrens rock shoes, we now have a great range of childrens outdoor kit of all types - waterproof jackets by Columbia and Regatta, fleeces, shirts and base layers - Juniors, we got your back.

To help us promote the arrival of all of this great kit, we got a good friend of Mahers Outdoor, local junior mountaineer Ian, to help us with some photos.

So without further ado, here he is in action. And, lest we forget, a selction of the latest junior kit.

New Regatta waterproof jacket.

Columbia fleece with Banshee 300 tent in the background. 
Here he is with the Little Life "Doodle Daysack" - A junior daysack with pencil pockets and a
Doodle pad included. First picture shows Ian with the pack on, second as it looks all packaged up.

Now onto the climbing/mountaineering equipment - below, Ian models the Petzl "Picchu" helmet - The "Picchu" is also certified for use as a cycling and skateboarding helmet.

And here he is with both the "Picchu" helmet and Red Chili "Durango" rock shoes.

So, we can cater for all your junior needs, from just knocking around to hill walking to rock climbing - We would like to thank Ian for giving his time modelling for us, especially as he had only just returned from an extended trip in the hills a day or 2 before.