Thursday, March 31, 2011


A really lightweight softshell that is ideal for warmer season use, as well as been very packable. The four-way stretch fabric is a very good option for higher energy activities and also offers wind resistance, breathabilty and water repellencey.

Features include two zipped chest pockets, one zipped sleeve pocket and elasticated and adjustable hem drawcord on a jacket that will prove very versatile in the summer months.

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full range of cycling kit.

Whether you come from the Lance (that's Armstrong, you know the dude who won the Tour De France a couple of times so he must be pretty quick) school of dress code or the Grant Petersen (He has designed some of the finest "real" bikes on the planet today and runs the fabulous "Rivendell Bicycle Works") school of no dress code whatsoever, we have cycling kit for you. Personally I think there's something to be said for a bit of each, depending on your situation and style of riding.

For the Lance's among you (see pic above), we have a great new range of everything from base layers with rear pockets (for drinks, energy bars, gels etc) to lovely thin windproof tops that really are very breathable - these are one of my favourite items of "cycle clothing" as they keep the chill off you without making you sweaty underneath - simple, practical and inexpensive. All of the kit has a "cycling" cut, meaning slim fit so as to avoid any unwanted wind resistance -And with a lower rear to the clothing to keep your kidneys warm when in a more aerodynamic position.

Also now in stock are padded shorts, padded tights, non-padded Ron Hill trousers (both with and without stirrups) and some fantastically light waterproof jackets that pack up smaller than your fist (and they are in suitable bright colours with reflective strips for city and night riding). We also have some great "sealskinz" waterproof gloves with a nice bit of padding to make things more comfortable on our rough roads.

For those in the Rivendell School (see pic below for fairly "standard" dress code)we have Craghoppers shirts - yes, button up shirts - they are great for warm weather cycling as they have great ventilation in the form of loose sleeves and gaps between buttons - you won't win any races in them but you can go straight from bike to pub/coffee house.

Also in are merino baselayers and zip off hiking trousers which are actually fantastic for cycling in as when the sun comes out or you just get warmer from all the exertion, voila, the trousers become shorts! Ron Hill trousers cross over into this area as they are a kind of loose cycling tight (if that makes any sense - not skin tight but a great comfortable fit) and very subtle looking so great for winter training for the racers and great for all round use by everyone else.

Anyway that's about it, just pop in and let us know what kind of cycling your doing and we'll help you get kitted out whichever way you prefer to go. And on that note, here is a picture of a lovely bike.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Mothers Day gift ideas.

Your Mum is the best thing that ever happened to you so check these out and then buy at least one of them.

Clothing to fit any budget from €10 upwards, rucksacks and various accessories to make her life easier when she's out and about, whether that be in the hills or just going about her daily business.

Here's a lovely North face fleece for when she's cleaning the house or dropping the kids off at the pool.

A new rucksack for carrying the shopping (and washing from the hot press to the washing machine).

A hoody just in case she likes hanging around shopping centres.

A nice sweat wicking base layer as she's bound to get hot doing all that hoovering (that's vacuuming for the pedants among you) and cooking and stuff.

And for the finale we have the "pocket rocket" stove - Just because it's "Mothers Day" (I don't see any "andrew days" going on) it doesn't mean she gets away with doing nothing, she might just get used to it.

Anyway, we have loads of other small gifts, all equally lovely and from €5 to whatever you wish to spend.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lifeventure flasks are the business

Oh yes - As i sit here drinking (still) hot coffee having made it eight and a half hours ago, i can say with certainty that lifeventure flasks are solid, the foschnizzle or whatever the kids say these days. I've had a few flasks over the years and this is by far the best - it also looks and feels very tough so i'm sure it won't be needing replacing for a long long time.

As Ewan would say, "I love it".

Dare 2 Be cycle offer


We have a fantastic offer on the Dare 2 Be cycle topS and bottoms.

The scramble T-shirt is 45 euro

The shorts are 25 euro

but if you buy the two of them you get them for 50 euro, that is fantastic value.

I can't for love nor money find a photo of them but Brian is back Monday so i'll get one of him.

guess the staff members.


New North Face rucksacks.

Simples - we have 3 new North face rucksacks.

Surge (pic right): A super tough, 33 litre rucksack with a a good number of different sized comparments including a dedicated laptop compartment, secondary compartment with organisation and a front side electronics compartment also with organisation.

There are other spaces too including a zippered pocket especially for your laptop power cord + transformer. It also has lovely stretchy side pockets, extremely tough looking zips and padded hip straps.

This bag really is the business - it's not cheap at €100 but it will last you a long time and is capable of everything from being a hill walking pack through to being a weekend travel bag and everyday work/college bag. It really has to be checked out to appreciate the quality of it.

Next up are the terra 35 and 45.

The 35 (pictured right) is an ideal large day bag or small overnighter. The finish is superb, with very comfortable shoulder straps and a great mesh/airflow type channel on the back panel to reduce "sweaty back" syndrome. As with all of the North Face bags, the finish quality is superb, with super strong materials being used and high quality zips.

The 45 has the same build quality and many of the same features of the 35 only it also has a long side zip entrance to the main compartment. Obviously this bag is suitable for multi-day adventures with it's 45 litre capacity.

And last, but by absolutely no means least comes the "Animas" (pic below).

This 12 litre, "do anything you like" pack is my personal favourite as this will carry enough for a day out hiking, cycling, climbing etc and remain very sleek indeed. It comes with a 3litre Source hydration system included and as with all of the packs above, the quality of this pack just has to be seen - Once again the stitching, zips, layout of compartments, stretchy side pockets and all the little details are bang on.

anyhooooooooo that's all for now as it's nearly home time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovely new Regatta and Dare2Be kit

The Regatta/Dare2Be kit we are seeing for this spring is some of the nicest we have seen yet. With hooded softshells, hooded softshell gilets, light weight softshell trousers and some lovely base layers (including cycling base layers with that nice drop at the rear of the garment for keeping your kidneys warm when in a lower, more aggressive position). This really is a great range of clothing at very decent prices indeed, especially when you see the quality of this kit up close.

(Pictured right is the "Dreamlife" hooded womens softshell). Only €40!

You may have noticed quite a few mentions of softshell lately and that's quite simply because it's great stuff - I know I've waxed lyrical about it before but that's because softshell is water repellent and wind resistant (the better the weave the more so), as well as being extremely breathable. Some even have a full on "windstopper" membrane to make them completely windproof and some have gore-tex waterproof membranes (although personally this for me defeats the whole object of softshell - each to their own though).

All of this makes for an extremely practical piece of kit that means you can have protection from the elements while the inside of your kit remains almost perspiration free - Obviously if it's cats and dogs you will still need your hard shell but the rest of the time, let your softshell do it's thing.

(Pictured right is the "Rosswell" mens hooded softshell). Also only €40!
We also have a very nice super lightweight windproof jacket that would be particularly suitable for cycling and running as well as summer days in the hills.
I'm not putting pics of it all up here as you really do need to see it up close so come on down and say hello.
a bientot mes petit chanterelles.

Thursday, March 3, 2011



New North Face Point Five Jacket. Solid

Just look at it. In the words of the 70's/80's band Exile - "I want to kiss you all over, all over and over again, till the night closes in".

The Point Five also happens to be a superb mountaineering jacket, ideally suited to alpine climbing and expeditions with it's 3 layer Gore-Tex Pro-Shell being extremely tough and abrasion resistant as well as highly breathable.
Everything you would expect it to have, it has -from very good water resistant zips with internal storm flaps, pockets where you need them and a helmet compatible hood (both climbing and ski helmet compatible). The peak in particular is fantastic and as usual with The North Face, all of the finishing is top notch.
So it's wicked, that's it, come and buy one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More new North Face kit!

For those of you who still need a decent down jacket or gilet, the North Face "Nuptse" and "Nuptse vest" are back in stock.

Pictured right is the Nuptse in the classic all black.

We don't have pictures of the gilet colour yet as it's way ahead of current fashion.

Salut et bon fromage.