Saturday, May 14, 2011

New camping furniture

Yo, word up and all that.

Now that none of us can afford to go on foreign holidays anymore, maybe we will start appreciating what we have on our doorsteps - yes, we got carried away and forgot that the Irish hills and coastline are more beautiful than high rise flats in a town full of nightclubs that just happens to have a bit of sun (which our skin can't handle anyway). Now, seeing as we've woken up to that fact, the only way forward is "comfortable" camping. Unless you are backpacking or on a lightweight overnighter, big tents with tables, chairs, lights, a proper cooker and a cooler bag full of beer are the way to go.



Anyway, enough ranting, let me introduce the gear.

Vango table and stool set. Only €85. nice.

Gelert Gas stoves:

Single burner - compact, cheap and does the business.

Compact double - got this myself - solid - get the coffee on the go on one hob while your bacon is cooking away on the other. You want eggs with that? - all good. Also has grill - good for toast to go with my world famous fried eggs. This is part of the tradition.

Double burner with grill - panels at the side for wind protection - solid and also part of the tradition.

This not part of the the tradition.

What is that anyway? - it looks like it should be in one of thse mesh bags with a perch next to it. Sporks are for stabbing bacon or sausages then lifting it/them to your mouth. This person has it all wrong.

If you can't handle the cold you might want one of these.

We have them too - we have it all - oh yeah, yes we do, oh yeah.


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