Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Johnny Dawes comes to Cork

Johnny Dawes

Introducing the world to the impossible grades of E8 & E9, and laying the foundations of the modern scene, Johnny's unique style and character have become legend. "Full of Myself" lays bare Johnny's bipolar mix of privilege and pain, wizardry and dysfunction. Johnny Dawes is a legend in British climbing. In 1986, he was responsible for the most inspired new route in a generation, when he climbed Indian Face on Clogwyn d'ur Arddu in Snowdonia. Difficult and tenuous, a fall from its hardest move would most likely be fatal. But Dawes is much more than a risk-taker. His rich imagination has left a legacy of outstanding new routes all over the country, not least on the gritstone edges of Derbyshire where his bold and fluid style reached its fullest expression.Each generation produces a handful of visionaries, people who can see beyond the possible. Whether he likes it or not, Johnny is climbing's visionary. There are accounts of terrifying first-ascents on crumbling sea cliffs and even more terrifying accounts of van-driving around Wales..



An evening definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Boole theatre UCC Campus Cork
Friday 25th January @7.30pm

If you have spent over twenty euro in Mahers Outdoor before the talk on the 25th, just show your receipt to the guys at the door and get in for free.. No joke.