Tuesday, May 24, 2011

this one's for the children.

Small children walk too slowly - yeah it's harsh but they annoy me with their tiny little steps and general malingering.

Now that was obviously a joke and you're not gonna just leave them on their own in the middle of town/the mountains just because they can't keep up so here is the answer.

Little Life Child carriers - As cool as cool can be and practical to the end - will carry children from 6 months to 3 years of age - any child of over 3 wanting to be carried everywhere has serious issues anyway. The smaller of the 2, the "Ultralight Convertible" (pictured right) has a massive front pocket which will hold 12 lites of stuff and will carry a total of 15kgs no bother.

The larger of the 2, the "Cross Country S2" (pictured left) will take 20 litres of stuff and a total weight of 20kg.

Thats it for those - they are badass, if you have small kids get one and don't look back.

Now, for the kids themselves, the coolest bags in town are back in town. I like to put mine on and pretend i'm a different kind of animal superhero every day.


"Ninja Turtleboygirl"!



Anyhow - they're back in stock, they're wicked beyond belief and you need one.


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