Monday, May 23, 2011

keep it safe

Wherever you are travelling, it's a good idea to keep stuff safe, especially your head (and money/passports etc) - wearing a helmet just for travelling is gonna make you look like a mentalist - and not the good sort like Keith Barry. If you happen to be partaking in an activity that requires such protection then we do sell helmets so buy one.

Now if you are some kind of skilled hunter-gatherer you may not need money but for the rest of us it comes in useful fo buying food and stuff, to save us from getting too skinny or massively dehydrated, two highly unpleasant activities. Also, if you are Carlos the Jackal or Jason Bourne, you may have many passports and not have to worry if you lose one/it gets stolen/a monkey sets it on fire. Again, for the rest of us, a lost passport/other important documents can be potentially really troublesome.

So, what ya gonna do? - Buy something that doesn't cost much but is easily concealable, super durable, slash proof (that means it can't be cut by some slimy pick pocket type and whisked away without your knowing - and believe me this can happen easier than you would think!). The waist pack above right is all these things and more.

We now have a range of products from Pacsafe which are just what you need for your travels, whether a weekend break in Europe to long term travel in South America and the Middle and Far East.

The rucksack cover/lock up device you see on the left is just plain awesome - you almost want to stick a note on your bag saying "come on then, try it". Now obviously if you leave your bag attached to a lamp-post in central La Paz/London/Dublin for 2 days, it might not still be there upon your return - but we are talking deterrents here, not concrete bomb proof shelters - you couldn't carry one of those with you now could you.

Other products include a funky little wallet with a chain (it's tiny), an anti-theft camera pouch and the slash proof neck pouch you see below - This comes with an anti-moisture lining and as with all pacsafe products, clever little compartments inside.

There are some products not on here (including that tiny wallet) as you know the score by now- I'm not showing you everything because we want to see you so come and see us. That's just the way it's gonna be.

That's all folks.

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