Monday, August 29, 2011

We have a new home!

Yes folks, the legends at Mahers Outdoor have moved in with their little brothers and sisters on Maylor Street. You can access us from either entrance (ooh err missus), those being our main entrance on Maylor Street or via out Optimus Prime Megatron Sports Megastore on Oliver Plunkett Street - that's the new official name for the sports store now that we have arrived.

We would like to thank our new neighbours for all of their help during the move - guys we owe you a pint - just the one though you lightweights. A special mention goes out to Brendon "The Yak" Dolan who at one point was seen carrying the entire downstairs part of the shop in one hand and a sausage roll in the other like some sausage roll eating man mountain -cheers Bren.

And as for our stable mates,the Fitness Store, well, what can i say - thanks for being so welcoming and not arguing over music choice (you know who you are). Also a big thanks to Patrick, our multi-talented, super handsome builder/climber/pole dancer (that was a special just for me wasn't it Patrick?).

Anyway, thanks all again, come in and see the new Megatron Optimus Killer Dolphin new store - all the people in it are ace and there's loads of stuff to buy, from hiking to watersports to running to cricket to GAA to weightlifting to yoga to whatever the hell you like you sports crazed monkeys.

Come see us, you know you love it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blizzard Survival Bag

Stuck out overnight? - got no tent or sleeping bag - are you an idiot? - evidently you are.

However, you could redeem yourself by carrying one of these superb pieces of kit.

Here is what Paul, our kit expert had to say about it:

It's shiny.

It's warm.

It's rolls/folds down to the size of a toasted sandwich.

The man above is using his as a sledge in the middle of summer - he is an idiot but at least has a vivid imagination.

Obviously it's intended use is to keep you warm when you need it most - and having tried one i can tell you that in all seriousness, it is warm - very warm.

Here are the "proper" specs:

  • Made from "reflexcell" material, which blocks heat loss more effectively than any other emergency product.

  • Warmth of 8 togs - equivalent to medium weight sleeping bag.

  • Waterproof/Windproof.

  • Fits tall adults (i am one and i had plenty of room).

  • Has drawcord to tighten at the top.

  • Has elastic in it to hold it close to the body.

  • Reusable.

In all seriousness, this is a fabulous piece of kit for anything from an adventure race through to a planned bivouac - For emergency situations on or off the mountains even something as simple as being stuck out in the car for the night when it snows heavily.

Anyway, it's only €40 and it could save your life - for the cheapskates amongst you it also comes in bag form for only €26 - that could still save your life but you'll still be cheap.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Womens "storm" overtrousers now only €99!

Yes you read right - the womens "Storm" waterproof overtrouser from Berghaus has been reduced from €150 down to just €99 - These are seriously waterproof - as in 3 layer Gore-Tex performance shell waterproof - they also have an extremely tough outer fabric, double storm flaps, two way zips and popper studs alongside the zips so you can get even better ventilation on those particularly muggy days.

Basically, if you want the utmost protection and comfort for your legs, these are the trousers for you.

Here's a picture, if you want some you'd better hurry as they are already going quickly.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walking and Cycling guides

We now have an absolutely fantastic range of Walking and Cycling guides in from the company "Cicerone" - From walks in the Irish mountains and Corsica to cycle-touring Ireland, Spain, France and beyond, these are very detailed guides with a massive amount of routes in them. Basically, guide books don't come any better.

adios, a bientot et Do zobaczenia

Monday, August 8, 2011

Asics Womens shoe - €30!!!!!!!!

Yes you read correctly - that's an Asics womens walking shoe, a mighty fine one too - and not just one, a complete pair, for only €30! - yes, the lady of the manor has lost her marbles so i urge you to make the most of it because when she regains her sanity the fun and frolicks end and this deal is resigned to the annals of shoe sale history.

With all of the features you would expect of a quality Asics shoe, it has a carefully profiled dual density midsole for pronation control, a nicely moulded component for midsole stability, a highly abrasion resistant yet light rubber sole (for many miles on road and path) and they are also made from oiled nubuck leather - so they are as tough as old boots (i know, i know, i couldn't resist)

This is footwear in all it's finery. I must say that they look nice in the flesh too and have champagne in the name of the colour -what more could a girl want?.

So if i may make a suggestion, check yourself and then wander down to Parnell Place and get yourself a pair of these fine shoes.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to school - woohoo!

Yes it's that happy time of year when you have to get up early again, not lark around all day having fun and generally go back to learning rubbish that will do you no good in your later years. Just kidding, it's all super useful information that will be invaluable in your every day lives so pay attention kids as "what you learn today could save your life tomorrow" - that's a quote fom chuck norris (i think).

Anyway as you have to go back, you might as well be dry, well fed and watered and with somewhere to put all that food, water and reading material.

Keeping dry:

New "Thunderflash" waterproof jacket/fleece combo - The business if you want to be dry - or dry and warm at the same time - While the weather is like it is at the moment (i.e. warm ;-), just use the waterproof shell on it's own and when the days get cooler, a zip-in fleece will keep you toasty.

We've only got the boys one of these at the moment but the girls one should with us in a week or so (not definite but should). Loads of the packaway stuff came in in all sizes too but it won't be here forever - move it.

Would sir like to look cool in his rainwear?

Yes,.. well then step this way.

Keeping watered:

As under 18's, you can't legally drink the fineness that is alcoholic liquor but rest assured your time will come and it will be excellent - In the meantime, don't look like someone that has had too much alcohol and spilt it all over their pants - get yourself a spill proof Contigo water bottle and make the opposite sex swoon at your stylish bottle as you sip from it like some jazz cat from funky town (that's cool, trust me).

"Wow, who's that cat in the hat looking phat" - that's what they'll be saying about you, yes you when you get your contigo bottle.

They make travel mug/flask type things too - they all have easy drinking holes, like a good disposable coffee cup only made of plastic and with a button to release or stop liquid flow so no more mr pissy pants look for you - man the stuff they think of these days.

Ooh, is that a flask or a travel mug - actually it's both, i'm an "A-lister" don't you know.

Yeah i know, massive pictures messing up the flow of the blog - shut it, the details are good now with my massive pics and i don't care for your back chat.


Sporks - yeah, you know them - it's a spoon, fork and knife all in one - should be called a spoknifork i reckon - would sound cooler too. Still even with the rubbish name they work well and are pretty cool too - if you were to turn up at a film premiere somewhere wearing a thunderflash jacket with a spork in one hand and contigo travel mug/flask full of whiskey, i'd let you jump the queue - then again i probably wouldn't be working the door there cos i hate those things and they probably wouldn't employ me either after last time.

A Spork. (or Spoknifork).

More eating: - No not you tubs, put that down and get back on the treadmill.

Looking for something to keep your lunch in? - No, what do you mean no - you want to scrape your lunch off the bottom of your bag do you - idiot - now listen up - put your lunch in one of these and it will stay fresh and safe for months - not really, maybe a day or two, depends what you got in there. Anyway, put your lunch in this, take it out later (lunchtime would be good) and eat your lunch from it - it's that simple.

This thing, here, on the right - yeah that's the one - the green box - with "little tubs's lunch" written on the lid. yeah, that's your's tubby.

Oh and there's loads of packs now in for keeping all your stuff in - get one or all your stuff will fall on the floor and you'll look like a fool.