Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter

Oh yes i am - see my fire.

This wicked piece of kit is the Go System "base camp" expedition stove - see that fire, it's so hot that kierans eye's are melting and his horns have grown bigger than ever. I know, i know, you thought they were evil eyes but the truth is that Kieran is a cyborg and his metal eyes are just that hot they have turned red - turn that damn thing off man!, we need your android style skills a little while longer.

That very same fire could be cooking your steak and onions right now - for 10 of you - in 30 seconds - no sherbet sherlock, this thing is fast. It will also take such a massive pot/wok/ griddle on top of it, you can cook for a decent size group - if there's more of you, take 2 - or 3 - that's the beauty of it, they pack up smaller than a swans face.

But to be fair its kieran here stepping into andy's blog cause he is going crazy with this one.

I am here to give you some some technical info on this stunning bit of kit.

Am so

The Specs

- 286 x 362 x 380mm

-Net weight 915 grams

- Material stainless steel, Xalloy

-Power 3560 W



Yeah thanks cyborg boy, i can always trust you to have the facts and figures - man that kid is like some kind of stove information library - an automated version of our old friend Joe Cotter. Right, i've still got one more stove to tell you about - shame cos i really can't be bothered right now but here you go.

Go System "adapt" - stick in in your trangia when you need food in a hurry - yeah, trangia's are sweet but man they are slow - cool if you have like 4 hours to cook noodles but i need steak and i need it fast - and some chips please - and i'll have ketchup too. mmmmm.

here's a picture of it:


I think that's all of it and if it's not then tough, i've been typing for hours for you guys and where are you? - come on, come see us, we don't bite - well only in a nice way.

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