Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wellies now in store

Hey Fantastic news. Regatta wellies now in stock 
R.R.P. €45

Our price €30


Great value for the summer just in case it goes mental again

Sandal time.

Its that time of the year again to put your pants way and take your shorts out until September.
While your doing that your sandals need to come out and play.
Since you don't have a pair or there rotten away cause you have not even used since ''93'', we are just after getting or sandals back in store. Teva, Columbia, North Face, Regatta. Starting from €30

P.S. We also sell wellies and umbrellas

Monday, May 20, 2013

What a lovely day in the city

Lovely photo of our new buddy just relaxing on the Lee just doing a wee bit of fishing, Lovely day for it.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey peeps some beautiful gear just arrived into the shop, here are some photos. Brian is the stunning model and yes he is ridiculously ridiculously good looking.

Here is Bri in the very good looking TNF tee. Great fit. Its called the Pixel mountain tee at €35 its good.
 The P-8 Jacket is up next. €120 Hy-Vent jacket. Great jacket great price
 Helly Hansen Crew mid layer Jacket €100. Doesn't he look beautiful like Tom Cruise, this was the shot I got off him just before he went down his yacht I think he was off to Baltimore for a couple of heinos for the weekend.
 Today I will mostly be wearing Mammut.

 In these shots bri is wearing the the MINT Mammut Kento jacket.  I must say this is a beautiful jacket the fit and technical design is second to none. At €220 what a deal
 Helly Hansen Crew Vest  €85. If you're the guy who wants people to think you own a boat and want people to think you're cool then this is for you. A great piece for the beer garden next to the beach or lake where you can drink a nice cold pint bottle of Bulmers and look stylish at the same time.

The Mammut logo tee € 30
The North Face Rust tee €30
The North Face s/s Approach tee €35

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Hey guys, this year the Banff mountain film is coming back to Cork. It will be here on the 10th of the April.

It will be held at the Devere Hall in the student centre of UCC.

The price on the night will be €13 euro.

It will be kicking off at 7.30pm and will finish at 10.30pm.

Check out  for more info.

Or facebook at

and twitter at @ukbanfffilmfestuk

Thursday, March 21, 2013

keeping it Irish..

Hey guys as an Irish company supporting Irish jobs we would just like to show you a couple of companies that are Irish or based in Ireland supporting Irish jobs. 

Mountaineering in Amsterdam.

When most people think of Holland, the first things that com to mind are tulips , windmills and cheese - not massive mountains like this one!
Imagine then, when we came upon the sight you see above (all photos taken by our legendary cameraman Mr Bernard "I'm horny, horny, horny, horny" Lyons). I nearly pooed myself when i saw the bear, Kieran tried to cuddle it and Brian just made some weird noises like he was trying to talk to it. And this is just on the outskirts of Amsterdam, City of peace and love (or something like that).

The first mountain we had planned to climb was cerro torre but we soon realised that it was in south america so that wasn't going to happen on this trip. We then saw another big bear so decided to call it a day cos we don't really like climbing anyway, we only do these trips so you lot can read about our exploits (donations for future trips always welcome - send care of mahers staff social fund).

So Amsterdam and it's mighty peaks conquered we set off for south america on the ferry from belgium. it's quite a long time on the ferry (about 2 days) and while we were in the small cinema watching Bring It On 2 (All or Nothing) on donny's recommendation, we met some old friends from our last trip to denali, Flava Flav, MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli.

The best film ever made!!

Our mates (from left to right) Milli Vanilli, the Hammer and Flava Flav.

After all thoroughly enjoying the film, we retired to the bar for an evening of karaoke and cocktails with the ships captain. Highlight of the night was Flav and The Hammer teaming up with Kieran for a fantastic rendition of the Bee Gees "you should be dancing".

At some point during the night, for reasons we are not allowed to discuss, Milli Vanilli became just Vanilli.

We arrived in Rio de Janiero bright and early and went straight to the beach for a spot of the Hammer's favourite game, beach volleyball. As it turned out, Brian and the Hammer made a fine defensive pairing and with Bernard "Horny horny, horny" and Kieran up front proving a formidable partnership (despite Bernard being clinically diagnosed as an overweight midget), it wasn't long before the big league came calling and our team was entered into the national championships which just happened to be on later that day.

Paul "Donny" Gallagher in action . (Giving it socks as they say)
Needless to say we progressed quickly to the final where we met and destroyed the Home favourites, The Popes very own vatican team, made up of Cardinals, Bishops and Swiss Guards.. Our victory was dedicated to Milli.

(Opposite) - The popes team in their tracksuits just before the game.

So, with the Brazilian national volleyball title in the bag we obviously got an invite to the world championships and the olympics - And with amsterdams mighty peaks conquered we decided to call it a day and head home for whisky and lemon cake with our old mate Dr. Chris Bonington - he makes mr kipling look like a fool when it comes to baking.

Catch our next issue of the blog for an adventure unlike anything we have undertaken before in the 7000 metre peaks of the mighty Nagles - If we make it back there will be one hell of a tale to tell.


The North Face 
Mens Downpour jacket 
R.R.P €295

NOW €236

Men's Upland jacket
Hy-vent waterprofing

R.R.P €155

NOW €125

Men's Flux power stretch 1/4 zip top
R.R.P €120

NOW €85
Men's Momentum hoodie
R.R.P €105

NOW € 75

Men's Brigatta Jacket 3 in 1
Hy-vent waterproofing
comes with a tka 100 fleece
R.R.P €210

NOW €150

(Also comes in grey)  

Men's Duarango softshell jacket. Its soooooooooo swwwwweeeeeeeettttttttttttt
R.R.P €150

NOW €108
If its there in your size you must get it.

Mens L/S Logo cotton top
R.R.P € 35

NOW €25

Irish walking guides and books

As you can see we have a great little selection of books from North to South of Ireland. All in stock and more to come in.

All made in Ireland to create Irish jobs. Doing our bit.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Berghaus Arrivals

Men's Blencathra jacket on sale from €130 
now €99
It comes in blue, Green and Red

Berghaus Women's waterproof jacket was €130 now €99 (purple only)

Features to Note:
  • Fabric (outer shell) - Berghaus proprietary AQ™2 fabric technology
  • Fabric (lining) Dry Mesh & nylon Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Roll away hood with wired visor and volume adjuster


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Massive sale THE NORTH FACE




Friday, March 1, 2013

The change up...

Hey guys fresh for spring summer 2013 we decided to get Ty and his friends into the shop and have an Extreme  Makeover- Mahers Outdoor edition

 here is a lovely picture i took from the other side of the street i took while the men are hard at work.
We also got the lads to put in a shark tank just in case a customer or two starts getting a bit mad.

So just in case you walk into the shop and wondering what is going on the ladies and kids are now down stairs and mens are all upstairs with the packs and footwear and usual stuff. It does look pretty oh so pretty.
Cant wait to see ya.
love hugs and kisses

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

berghaus special offers

Hey guys some great offers for you have landed into the shop from Berghaus. Some are too good to be true. From mens and ladies clothing to mens and ladies backpacks. All of these are on the website or in the shop where you see our dead sexy staff.

Womens Spectrum micro fleece R.R.P €45

NOW €30

                                                      Womens Gilet R.RP €50
                                                             NOW   €35

                                                              Womens High Trail GTX jacket
                                                                      R.R.P €270

                                                                      NOW €200
                                                               Womens Selway softshell R.R.P €120

                                                                          NOW €80

                                                            Womens   Bowscale Gtx Jacket R.R.P €190
                                                                                NOW €130
                                                                   Womens Bowscale 3 in 1  Gtx jacket R.RP €225

                                                                               NOW €180
                                                             Womens Tech T  R.R.P €40

                                                                         NOW €25

                                                             Mens TECH T baselayer R.R.P €40

                                                                          NOW €25

                                                               Mens micro grid micro fleece R.R.P €50
                                                                               NOW €35

                                                                     Mens Blencathra R.R.P €130

                                                                                   NOW €90
                                                                         Mens 2layer Trail shell pant (gore tex) R.R.P €135

                                                                                      NOW €90

                                                           Womens Freeflow 20ltr R.R.P €80

                                                                             NOW €60

Womens 25/5 Freeflow R.R.P €100

NOW €70

                                                                       Mens freeflow 25/5 R.RP €95

                                                                                   NOW €70

                                                                         Mens Freeflow Pro 30ltr R.R.P €130

                                                                                     NOW €85
                                                                                also comes in red

                                                                                   Mens Verden 45+10 R.R.P €125

                                                                                         NOW €85

                                                                    ALSO COMES IN GREEN
                                                                 Mens freeflow 25+5 R.R.P €95
                                                                                    NOW €70