Friday, May 20, 2011

Columbia - the clothing not the country

So much stuff, so little space on the screen to show it all to you.

We have had rather alot of new Columbia stuff in recently, all of it rather dapper - These shoes, for example, are not only a fine gentlemans shoe suitable for trail running and walking they also look mighty fine when you are out on the town doing your thing, whatever that may be.

It's called the Master of Faster which, let's be honest is not the coolest name they could have come up with - Blaster of Pasta would have been way better but who cares, the shoes you have on now probably have some daft name that you are not even aware - lots of things have stupid names - cars, bikes, even children - but that doesn't stop us from loving them now does it. does it?

Once you put these babies on there is no going back - just come and try some on, feel them in your hands, love them, walk in them, run in them, feel them again - yeah you like that don't you.

For the girls there is this beauty, the new Switchback 2 - now there's a shoe name - sounds like it would cut your arms off if you even suggested it wasn't light and fast - which it is, obviously - and super comfy, Columbia really have nailed their fit recently and you WILL agree with me on this once you have tried them on. Sweet colours and waterproof too - oh yeah.

Switchback 2 omni-tech womens. Tasty.

There are 5 or 6 other new styles of Columbia footwear split across mens and womens but i've still got clothing to cover so you can go jump if you think i'm putting up pictures and descriptions of them all. They are all dead comfy, swift looking and more than fit for purpose so as i've said before, come and see us, try them on, you know you want to.

We also got loads of lovely clothing and again, as much as i know you want to see it all, that's not gonna happen - come on, you should know the game by now - i'll show you some, you come and see us and we'll show you the rest.

Right - Surefire womens softshell - not the best picture but the only large one i could find. It looks much tastier in real life. below left is the "swifty seeker" tank top/vest and the "psyche to hike" shirt/blouse thing.

We did get some mens clothing as well so here's some of it.

Silver ridge shirts - we got short sleeve, long sleeve, brown, grey and beige/pebble/sand/whatever you want to call that beige colour. We also got silver ridge shorts and trousers which are real nice - lightweight, fast drying and with upf factors 30 to 50 so no sunburn for you guys - skintastic. The trousers zip off to make shorts - kapow, 2 trousers in 1 - the shirts have double collars to protect your neck from the sun too -man they think of everything. Here they are in all their glory.

Oh and here's a nice waterproof jacket for only €95. There is also a sweet softshell but you are just gonna have to come see us/it.

That's it, job done, come see us and we'll dress you up in all this stuff like our own little doll/plaything - yeah you will love it - and so will we.

mmmmmmwwwwaaaaaaa xxxxxxxx

cabz are here - burgers for the boys.

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