Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleeping bags for everyone!

Hello my little sleep connoisseurs.

We now have sleeping bags in stock for every occasion and at just about every price! - Whether summer camping or Alpine Expedition, very large sizes or slightly smaller - We even have junior bags in stock and have increased our range of SnugPak bags - designed for the Forces but used by all.

Just to give you an idea of some of the bags that are available, here is a small selection of what we currently have in stock.

Expedition - "Vango Summit 5000" - With a suggested temperature range of -12 to +15 degrees (Although it would be getting a bit toasty by +15!)

3-4 Season down filled - "Viper 750" - recommended temperature range of -5 to +20 at only 1500 grammes!

2-3 season synthetic - Gelert "X-treme light" 1200 - the best value bag in the shop right now - recommended temperature range -1 to +20 degrees and only €55!

2 season - The North Face "Wasatch" - Great synthetic bag reduced to only €65.

1-2 season super lightweight bag (also packs up very small) - SnugPak "Merlin 3" only €125. Packs up to just 16cm x 16cm.

Plus loads of other options from Vango, SnugPak, The North Face and Gelert. Basically, if you need a bag, we will have one to meet your requirements.

Happy camping!

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