Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Generation Packs

If you are in the market for a super lightweight, tough, flexible pack with all the features you could possibly need, look no further.

Columbia have really raised the bar with their new bag, the Mobex. the first thing you notice (after the fact that it looks a bit like a tent!) is the weight - It is incredibly light - This is mainly due to the extremely light and flexible frame which holds it's shape for very easy loading, an especially useful feature when you are travelling fast - Think adventure racing and uptempo single day hikes. The clamshell opening (the zip goes right round the bag except across the bottom) and cargo netting dividers make life even easier as the dividers are easy to adjust and everything is kept in place and according to where you want it.
The thought that has gone into this bag is incredible, with people who hike, run and cycle daily involved in it's development. The straps are very breathable and the lycra pockets on the outside of the shell will hold a fair bit too, with a lightweight rain jacket easily fitting in one and as many energy bars as you could handle in the other (or a couple of cans to kill the pain mid race). When it has been on your back for a while, you could be forgiven for thinking it had fallen off as the way it fits just has to be tried to appreciate how good it really is.
There is a water bottle holster on one side 0f the hip belt and a small pocket on the other, perfect for storing a phone, gps, multi-tool or even more energy bars/gels etc. To top all of this off, the outer shell is made from triple ripstop, no-snag material which has an Omni-Shield water (and stain) repellent treatment. Obviously in these times of the Platypus, the bag is also hydration system compatible.
Quite often technology is used for the sake of it - Not in this case - This bag is genuinely something worth a serious look at.
We have them in stock now in multiple colours so come and try one to see for yourself.

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  1. i bought this bag off you the other week. thank you its fantastic.