Friday, April 30, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere...

Water Purification and You,
1. Why?

Viruses, Bacteria, Cysts and all things nice...

As the old adage goes... "Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

Although we are surrounded by water, very little of it is safe to drink. Streams, rivers,and lakes are all host to a menagerie of microscopic nasties.

Animals have two inconsiderate habits when it comes to water;

  • They like to use bodies of water as lavatories

  • They have an uncanny ability to drown and decompose in the most appetising of water sources.

The two most common organic water contaminants spread by our self absorbed mammalian friends are:

  • Gardia Lamblia, a microscopic parasite which can cause diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pain etc.

  • Cryptospordium, a protozoan parasite which can cause all of the above plus some extra discomfort for added good measure. Also, tough as old boots, tricky to kill.

For the above reasons, water should always be treated before consumption (which also includes teeth brushing, fruit washing, etc.).

2. How?

Boiling is still the preferred method of water treatment but also the most time consuming, laborious and resource hungry of the methods and thus is best kept for emergencies and the like. (Plus nobody likes drinking hot water on a warm day!)

So What are the alternatives?

  • Filtration, reasonably effective but costly, bulky and require maintenance. A good choice for groups.

  • Chemical Purification, the method preferred by the staff here. Very effective, cheap, light and easy to use.

Chlorine Dioxide Drops

Our weapon of choice when it comes to watery biological warfare.

Chlorine Dioxide Droplets are the safest and most effective chemical water disinfectant available. They kill bacteria, viruses and cysts in water (Including Gardia and Cryptosporidium).
It's safe for long term use. It does not leave any residual taste, odour or colour (we're talking about you, Iodine!)Treats up to 60 Litres of water. However, once opened must be used within 18 months.

Yours for only €9.00 (that's only €00.15 per litre of drinking water!)

Why not pick one up for you next adventure or emergency or adventure turned emergency?

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