Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Berghaus - lovely, really lovely.

Long time no see and all that - Anyway, don't have much time as you guys keep coming in to ask me questions while i'm trying to get this done! - don't get me wrong, i love seeing you in the shop but just give me five minutes will ye!

So lets get down to business - new Berghaus stock in - insulated jackets, soft shells, fleeces and new waterproof jackets. pics and basic details below.

Here we have the mens "Ignite" hybrid hoody - pertex shell with primaloft one synthetic fill.

And here we have the mens "Ardennes" soft shell - looks real good as well as doing the job.

 We also have some lovely new mens fleeces and the new "Mera Peak" waterproof jacket - really nice new colours in both.

Next up is the womens "Ignite" hoody - As you can see, it's a lovely piece, fits beautifully and performs magnificently (i try out all our womens clothes so i should know, ok).
We also have new womens base layers in lovely new colours as well as a new spectrum micro fleece in a wicked new purple kind of colour - it's kind of like blueberry - but better if you get my drift.

Anyway i'm going to have to leave you there as more of you are looking for assistance and that's more important than me typing this.


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