Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cool new kids clothing.

Kids are cooler than adults - it's a fact of life that you just have to deal with it if you're old like me. So, because kids are cooler, they get cooler clothes - now our adult range is pretty damn lovely so you can bet that what you are about to see is sweeeeett -  and it is. If you don't agree, get to the back of the class.

First up are the Columbia "Da Chutes" for boys and "Powder Lite" for girls - These are lovely looking winter jackets which could just as easily be worn as a super fashionable winter jacket for around town as well as for winter activities.

 Next up are the "Brady" for boys and "Phoebe" for girls from Trespass - These are both ski jackets but as you can see, would also make great fashion jackets for winter.

We also have some lovely new fleeces and soft shells for those lucky enough to be too young to have to go to work yet - Unfortunately, they are so new that the companies that make them haven't even got the colour we have up on their web sites yet so i can't provide you with any pics as of yet.

And that is that for today my lovely people.

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