Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full range of cycling kit.

Whether you come from the Lance (that's Armstrong, you know the dude who won the Tour De France a couple of times so he must be pretty quick) school of dress code or the Grant Petersen (He has designed some of the finest "real" bikes on the planet today and runs the fabulous "Rivendell Bicycle Works") school of no dress code whatsoever, we have cycling kit for you. Personally I think there's something to be said for a bit of each, depending on your situation and style of riding.

For the Lance's among you (see pic above), we have a great new range of everything from base layers with rear pockets (for drinks, energy bars, gels etc) to lovely thin windproof tops that really are very breathable - these are one of my favourite items of "cycle clothing" as they keep the chill off you without making you sweaty underneath - simple, practical and inexpensive. All of the kit has a "cycling" cut, meaning slim fit so as to avoid any unwanted wind resistance -And with a lower rear to the clothing to keep your kidneys warm when in a more aerodynamic position.

Also now in stock are padded shorts, padded tights, non-padded Ron Hill trousers (both with and without stirrups) and some fantastically light waterproof jackets that pack up smaller than your fist (and they are in suitable bright colours with reflective strips for city and night riding). We also have some great "sealskinz" waterproof gloves with a nice bit of padding to make things more comfortable on our rough roads.

For those in the Rivendell School (see pic below for fairly "standard" dress code)we have Craghoppers shirts - yes, button up shirts - they are great for warm weather cycling as they have great ventilation in the form of loose sleeves and gaps between buttons - you won't win any races in them but you can go straight from bike to pub/coffee house.

Also in are merino baselayers and zip off hiking trousers which are actually fantastic for cycling in as when the sun comes out or you just get warmer from all the exertion, voila, the trousers become shorts! Ron Hill trousers cross over into this area as they are a kind of loose cycling tight (if that makes any sense - not skin tight but a great comfortable fit) and very subtle looking so great for winter training for the racers and great for all round use by everyone else.

Anyway that's about it, just pop in and let us know what kind of cycling your doing and we'll help you get kitted out whichever way you prefer to go. And on that note, here is a picture of a lovely bike.


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