Monday, March 14, 2011

Lovely new Regatta and Dare2Be kit

The Regatta/Dare2Be kit we are seeing for this spring is some of the nicest we have seen yet. With hooded softshells, hooded softshell gilets, light weight softshell trousers and some lovely base layers (including cycling base layers with that nice drop at the rear of the garment for keeping your kidneys warm when in a lower, more aggressive position). This really is a great range of clothing at very decent prices indeed, especially when you see the quality of this kit up close.

(Pictured right is the "Dreamlife" hooded womens softshell). Only €40!

You may have noticed quite a few mentions of softshell lately and that's quite simply because it's great stuff - I know I've waxed lyrical about it before but that's because softshell is water repellent and wind resistant (the better the weave the more so), as well as being extremely breathable. Some even have a full on "windstopper" membrane to make them completely windproof and some have gore-tex waterproof membranes (although personally this for me defeats the whole object of softshell - each to their own though).

All of this makes for an extremely practical piece of kit that means you can have protection from the elements while the inside of your kit remains almost perspiration free - Obviously if it's cats and dogs you will still need your hard shell but the rest of the time, let your softshell do it's thing.

(Pictured right is the "Rosswell" mens hooded softshell). Also only €40!
We also have a very nice super lightweight windproof jacket that would be particularly suitable for cycling and running as well as summer days in the hills.
I'm not putting pics of it all up here as you really do need to see it up close so come on down and say hello.
a bientot mes petit chanterelles.

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