Thursday, August 12, 2010

mammut lands at last

So after many years of me wanting this awesome company into the shop at half ten this morning it finally arrived. Seconds later I was jumping up and down but that was from IDAHO'S fantastic coffee (I hope that little plug gets me a free one tomorrow morning .........) Anyway

The men's and women's boots landed, the men's are called Impact the ladies are called the Cypress. T-shirts in black and also in a nice blue are in stock too.

But going back to the men's boot for a second if i may, just to let you know it has a gore-tex membrane with a vibram sole unit. for one hundred and thirty how bad.

The ladies are similar but ten euro more, it has a lovely brown colour with a trim of baby blue stripes. AND ON THAT BOMB SHELL WE'LL TALK SOON.

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