Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to school!

It's that time of year again and this year we have a great selection of bags, waterproof jackets, fleeces and softshells at even better prices than last year.
Lets start with Bags because you are going to need one to put all your stuff in.

For the real smallies, we have probably the coolest bags ever, the "animal" daysack fom LittleLife - Whether you would rather be a ladybird or a turtle (pictured), we got it covered.

And the choice for your tiny ninjas doesn't stop there - From Regatta we have the "Tonto" daysack in either blue or pink at only €10! (see below).

For those moving on to big school and those already there, we have a number of cool packs from both The North Face, Berghaus and Lowe Alpine - Seriously tough bags with enough space for folders, books and some lunch. Starting at only €40, these bags are built to last - Sure, you could buy cheaper but you won't get something as sturdy as one of these (I should know, I've still got one running strong after 8 years of daily abuse). Pictured below is the North Face "Jester".

Now we move onto clothing and we will start with the girls. To keep you dry, we have the "Sparkler" waterproof jacket from Regatta for only €25 and the "popsicle" 3 in 1 - That means that you get a fleece jacket zipped in to the waterproof to make this a great jacket for cold as well as wet days - And for only €35!

The "Sparkler"
As much as we all hope the summer will go on forever, Autumn will be with us soon enough and that's the time to be looking at fleeces - In the girls, we have the "Chorus" and the "Charlene". Charlene has a hood and they are both made with anti-pill fleece material, meaning that you don't get those lumps of fleece gathering either through use or when you wash it.

Girls Fleece

Now on to the boys.

Waterproofs come in the shape of the "Topspeed" Jacket and the "Trackaway" 3 in 1 (a zipped in fleece comes with this to make it suitable for those really cold days too). At only €25 and €35 respectively, both are an absolute steal!

Below is the" Topspeed"

For warmth, we have the "King" fleece. For warmth with some water repellancy, we have the "Kong" softshell. Both pictured below.

And that, my little school friends, is that for now - So enjoy the term and see you soon.

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