Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids clothing and camping kit - Now in.

Hey kids, it's time to give your parents a kick up the old proverbial and get them to buy you some camping gear.

Want a cool sleeping bag for only €20? - got it.

Want one of the bags to be able to shrink while you are younger and then grow when you do? - Got it.

Vango Wilderness convertible - A great idea.

Want a decent waterproof jacket and trousers? - got it.

Above are the Boys "Topspeed" jacket and the girls "Sparkler" jacket - both waterproof and only€25.

To the right is the lightweight "packaway" junior waterproof trousers - From age 3-4 through to those that will fit 15-16 year olds. Only €10!

Like a softshell so you can look cool and not be fussed if it rains a bit? - Yeah, we got that too.

And the finest piece in the collection, the kids puddle suit - before you ask, no, they don't come in adult sizes.
I really want one.
And with that I bid you farewell once more - I'm off to make myself an adult size puddle suit replica.

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