Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GoLite Peak Review

Hi Folks,

I've been using the GoLite Peak bag for a few months now and I figure it's about time I do a review of it.

Firstly, the facts...
GoLite are an American brand who's products are designed with weight and the environment in mind.
The Peak is made from recycled nylon and Dyneema. In addition to the kudos for using recycled material the use of Dyneema makes this bag seriously tough (Dyneema is 15 x stronger than steel !). Thanks to it's no nonsense design and the materials used, this bag is phenomenally light. It weighs only 765 Grams! Size wise, it has a cavernous 38 litre volume.
Now, the practical bit...
At first this bag was used as a city bag and a college bag. It has a great compression system which allowed me too make the bag a practical size for a few college books, a rain jacket and a spot of lunch.
The Peak has a nice roll top design which makes the bag quite weather proof and increase the durability as there is no main zip to strain. I got lots of remarks on it's funky electric blue colour.

Then came the real test...
We were heading on an over-night wild camping trip in Kerry. As I sorted through my bag collection (sad but true) I figured I might as well put the GoLite through it's paces.
The large front pocket swallowed up my Trangia, fuel, hammock, tarp and gloves.
The main bag then devoured my Thermarest, sleeping bag, spare clothes, lots of food and after all that there was even room left for a few beverages.
The two mesh side pockets each held a 2 litre bottle of water and the hip-belt pockets took my insect repellent, head torch, matches and suncream.
As the second day of our trip involved some canoeing I attached my buoyancy aid to some of the many straps and loops on the outside.

Was it comfortable with all the gear?
In short yes. Actually, it was great. I've grown accustomed to bags with rigid internal frames and thus was a bit weary of the Peak as it has a flexible foam back pad. As soon as I put it on my worries vanished, it felt great. It was supportive but allowed me to move freely. As an added bonus I was able to pull out the foam back pad and use it as a seat in the camp and the canoe.

Final thoughts...
The GoLite Peak is a great do-it-all bag that's tough enough to stand up to years of abuse and as a bonus, it comes with a clean environment conscience.
Some might question it's €100 price tag but this is a seriously tough bag suitable for all uses including alpine use and it's been produced as ethically as possible, which in my books makes it money well spent.
Till next time I get some new gear, I bid you adieu.

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