Saturday, January 9, 2010


Over the last couple of days with the bad snap of snow and ice the staff have found it hard to get into the shop. During the last couple of days we snapped us getting there with Donnys epic disposable s.l.r camera made by the early learning centre.

This shot is Donny and the Hutch leaving for work

Hutch being lowered in to the under ground car park by Donny

In this shot here we see Brian a.k.a Catweazle leaving to go to work from unit 53

This is a picture of our boss coll leaving from her house early on a monday morning this is the usual during the winter for her. lucky she owns a snow car.

This is a great shot of Katie getting the train into work god bless the rail service.

This is a great panoramic shot of Kierans family saying good by to each other before they all set out for work. I bet you can't find him

The shot here is all of the staff working as you can see work and play are two massive things that we keep miles apart from each other. Now where is my coffee

The new plans for our shop just in case the end of the world involves snow or rising water. We can come to your location to sell you things. It floats flys and also provides its own power heat etc. It has all the mod cons like flat screen tv's and such.

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