Saturday, January 9, 2010

the cold snap on the mountains

With the mountains in the last couple of weeks having been covered in snow, we at Mahers outdoor are urging you to be careful when you plan your route up and down any mountain. If you plan on going up carrantuohill (cause it was the first one that came to mind). What you will need without question is an ice-axe if you're doing anything extreme.

Crampons would be ideal due to the fact that any ice and you will be slip sliding away (just like the song) . Roping up on the more tricky bits if you have a weak walker. At the the end of the day you're only as fast as your slowest walker. The most important thing i will urge upon you is the fact if YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SNOW/ICE EXPERIENCE YOU SHOULD NOT BE HEADING TO THE MOUNTAINS.

If you decided to buy them and don't know how to use them then don't. Down jackets or synthetic is a must cause you don't want to freeze. The correct footwear is a must good grips, nice and warm socks and thermal wear a.k.a base layers. Make sure you know your map and compass work cause the usual markers might be covered over and might confuse you. The lads on the mountain rescue teams are going to be working flat out over the next couple of days so if you see them maybe a nice idea would be to say "keep up the hard work".

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