Wednesday, May 9, 2012

perfect spring and summer wear

The perfect item of clothing for this time of year is a light weight soft shell - It's a jack of all trades -almost completely windproof, water repellent and totally breathable, it's the perfect piece of kit for anything from hill walking to running to cycling - they even look great for just knocking around in.

Due to being windproof  and water repellent and yet completely breathable, having a soft shell means that unless it's "properly" raining, you can remain warm, protected from the wind and drizzle and all without that clammy feeling that comes from wearing a full on hard shell on a warm day.

We have some great pieces from Columbia, Berghaus, The North Face, Mammut and Regatta - Obviosuly we have both mens and womens as soft shells are not sexist.

There's not enough space on here to shown you them all so here's a couple of pictures of me and Kieran "modelling" some. the girls were very shy this morning so all you get in ladies are a couple of web site shots.


And for the ladies (as if the pictures above weren't enough for you!):

That's all for you today you cheeky things - now go and get me a coffee - pleeeeaaaase.

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