Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meindl super wide fit range.

Word. For those of you with especially wide feet, we now have a decent range of extra wide fitting Meindl boots - With these 3 models, we can cover most requirements. Classed as the "comfort" range, they have a wider base with a more width in the area where the big toe and the little toe sit as well as having more volume overall.

Right - Meran Gtx

The upward bent at the front of the boot is also more pronounced to lessen resistance and improve heel-toe walking. The one other major point is the cork footbed which gives a good level of support (not so much that it is counter productive though) as well as great breathability and moisture control.

In stock now are the Bernina Gtx (hiking) , Meran Gtx (hiking/trekking) and Dovre Extreme Gtx (Hunting).

Dovre Extreme Gtx (right).

i tawt i taw a rabbit.

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