Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some New North Face gear

Here we see Patrick wearing some lovely new North Face gear. If we do say so ourselves very street wise, very street wise indeed. 1st on the list is the very smart, great fitted momentum fleece. coming in at 95 euro. This piece also comes in the oh so very popular colour of "johnny cash" black, but there is no need to put that photo in cause you know what it looks like.

Now up to swing is the North Face Drew Peak hoodie, what this really is, is a jumper with a hood and a big TNF logo. The advantage about this is that its cotton and not wool.

70 bucks how bad

It also comes in brown with all the same features, isn't that amazing, simply amazing.

In this shot we see Patrick sporting a nuptse vest black on the shoulders and grey on the chest a really eye catching piece, if you had one of those posh stripey scarves you would look the boy in your local boat club.
With a 700 fill down its sure to keep you warm.

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