Monday, August 29, 2011

We have a new home!

Yes folks, the legends at Mahers Outdoor have moved in with their little brothers and sisters on Maylor Street. You can access us from either entrance (ooh err missus), those being our main entrance on Maylor Street or via out Optimus Prime Megatron Sports Megastore on Oliver Plunkett Street - that's the new official name for the sports store now that we have arrived.

We would like to thank our new neighbours for all of their help during the move - guys we owe you a pint - just the one though you lightweights. A special mention goes out to Brendon "The Yak" Dolan who at one point was seen carrying the entire downstairs part of the shop in one hand and a sausage roll in the other like some sausage roll eating man mountain -cheers Bren.

And as for our stable mates,the Fitness Store, well, what can i say - thanks for being so welcoming and not arguing over music choice (you know who you are). Also a big thanks to Patrick, our multi-talented, super handsome builder/climber/pole dancer (that was a special just for me wasn't it Patrick?).

Anyway, thanks all again, come in and see the new Megatron Optimus Killer Dolphin new store - all the people in it are ace and there's loads of stuff to buy, from hiking to watersports to running to cricket to GAA to weightlifting to yoga to whatever the hell you like you sports crazed monkeys.

Come see us, you know you love it.

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