Saturday, July 2, 2011

it's oxegen time mofo's

yo dogs, i'm down with your generation and all so don't be saying i'm not like - word up git down whips and chains rhianna biznez. I reckon it's that time of the year yo when it's time to get down wiv all those crazy bands you love like the poo fighters, fifty pence and red hurley - word up red you crazy dog - and to celebrate this smooove festival jive biznez we've got some foshizzle deals on some mofo'in tents and stuff - yeah word to the mother jivedog - step up and get down like a crazy dog coz we got tents from 50 billz, not that you crazy cats need a tent cos you is down like cold chilling funky cold medina as ll cool j once said - yeah word to easy e and the wu tang get down i said.

anyway, come on and step to the beat, come on and dance with me, as gloria "maddog" estefan once said when she was doin gangsta biznez with the cats on the eastside - tents of all shapes and sizes for cats of all persuasions and gangsta rhymin yo git down one time.

here is a tent. it is good and nice.

we have bigger ones too if you is havin a real gansta stylee partee and gettin down big time.

booyakasha dogs.

M.C. sweetcorn.

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