Monday, July 18, 2011

Andy is transformer, a man in a robot body untill...

In a shop far far away there was once a man who had a dream, a dream so big it was almost unthinkable. But when you are one of us you grab the bull by the horns and ride, you stay on it ' til you win cause that's what winners do. Thats what a Mahers outdoor staff member does.
Andys dream was to be a robot, after months in the planning with millions of yen gone into the materials, thousands maybe millions of man hours gone into this robotic plan. At this stage we must thank Tony Stark from Stark industries for his support.

At some time during the procedure i nearly cut his arm off with a lazer cutter but thats a different story all together.
Finally we got it sorted and all was good. Andy is now "ANDEX". We hooked him up with major weapons like the power to fix bikes and do a lot of research on the computer on useless things but the most important thing is to fetch coffee for us. We managed to get a shot on our SLR camera before he took off on his holidays i think he is in Dubai or Kerry/Bantry. If you see him grab a couple of photos of his trip.

I hope his wife is proud of him

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