Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sheep - The evolutionary story.

Evolution rules - Sheep live in special climate where temperatures go from very cold in winter to very hot in summer - sheep evolve special wool that deals with all these conditions, allowing sheep to stay warm when cold and cool when too hot - we steal wool from said sheep and turn it into clothing of varying thicknesses for different times of year to make it even more effective for us - And there you go, we have merino wool from Smartwool.

This stuff really is the business - In my case it takes weeks of wear for it to develop even the slightest whiff of body odour (but then i smell real nice) - In fact i personally gave up (not washing it) after 5 weeks (3-4 wears per week) with no whiff - it will smell eventually but it makes it great stuff for multiple day/week hikes/bike rides etc and it means that with it getting washed less often it should last longer as well.

Anyway, i love the stuff and so will you if you give it a go.


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