Friday, June 17, 2011

Scout pack great offer.

So its that time of the year again when the scout leaders are up in the scout hall till all hours getting the gear ready for your annual trip abroad or around Ireland.

So if your looking for gear to get, boy do we have gear for you. At the moment we have a fantastic deal that even Baden Powell would be proud of.

While stocks last we have a fantastic scout pack offer. You get a

-Gelert 55ltr pack

This rucksack is a perfect size for any Scout camp. I was a scout leader back in the day and I know that any more and you're going to be seeing your kid come home with a sore back. The bag its self is a solid bit of kit. It will last you till you're a leader, if you're a leader, it will last you till your the chief scout and if you're the chief scout am.... well done

-Gelert Tryfan 300.

The Tryfan 300 is a solid sleeping bag and is the perfect bag for scouts. My buddies have it since they were in cubs, there now 25/ bad.

You can't go away camping and not have a knife fork and a spoon so we threw a set in.

For night when you sleep, (if you a normal person), we have a ground mat so you can sleep comfy.

When you're thrown out in to the woods and told, "see ya in the morning", just bring your survival bag and have a fantastic,dry nights sleep.

Just in case you get lost we decided to give ya a whistle as well

all for just € bad indeed.

While stocks last guys so hurry hurry hurry

* this pack is not endorsed by the Scouting Association Ireland, it's endorsed by us, which is nice. (we are former scouts)

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  1. 'A SOLID sleeping bag'. Surely you want a soft sleeping bag...?! :-P