Friday, June 10, 2011

Mahers staff tent of the month

So after much debate and deliberation but no fisty cuffs, we have decided that the tent of the season is the Vango Icarus 500. This fantastic five man tent that is fairly easy to erect, ten to twenty minutes and its up - with three of the same size poles so you can't get confused,it's one of the most comfortable tents that you can get for family weekend or week camping . The waterproofing on the material is 3000m hydrostatic head (very waterproof).

One of the greatest things about this tent is the porch space is so massive that you could have a Mini festival in it. With a bath tub groundsheet this makes the ease of sitting down after a hard day of camping!!! and not worrying about streams of water running through the tent and you running around the porch like a lu la trying to lift things off the floor trying to keep everything dry.

When it comes to height in a tent with me its usually me bending my neck walking around tents (being six foot four it happens a fair bit in tents) but with the Icarus i don't have to do this at all which is fantastic cause at times it gets annoying so two thumbs up at that.

The pack size of the tent is a normal size - there is nothing amazing about it. Weight wise it comes in at 13.7 kg (not to bad)

One of the greatest things about the Icarus 500 is that on a extremely windy day/night what the tents offers is a tension band system (tbs) which straightens the poles making your tent much stiffer so it doesn't move.

Its up in the store so come in and check it out.

see ya later. kieran.

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