Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vango Icarus 500 + friends

Yo - some wicked new tents came in from Vango - they are cool and so am i cos i just bought the one above - It's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture above (obviously, otherwise you would have to be the size of a wasp to enjoy it) and there are only two of us sleeping in it - just imagine all that space to lie around in drinking beer and rolling around on the hallway carpet (not like that you dirty minded monkeys). Yes there is a carpet available too(bought separately) and it's solid (that means really good). It's plenty waterproof, fire retardant and only €260 so you have to buy one unless you are daft.

We also now have some smaller tents in such as the Beta 250, 350 and 450 (2, 3 and 4 person respectively and €100, €130 and €150). These are good solid tunnel tents with decent storage space and very waterproof grounsheets.

Beta 350.

The new Banshee 200 (a very nice red colour - see pic below) and 300 (classic dark green) coming in at €130 and €150 - This tent is serious value for money as it is very lightweight and has a new 5000mm flysheet and 6000mm groundsheet (even better than last years spec which was more than good enough for our climate).

Banshee 200.

Banshee 300.

So that's that really, come on down and check, check, check it out as the beastie boys once said.


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