Friday, October 8, 2010


We are at one with the earth and at one with the cows.

Some philosophical thoughts there from the writings of Buddhist Master, Mr. K. Bracken.
We now have a seriously Eco-friendly boot from Hi-tec in the form of the Altitude IV Enviro WP (pictured below).
Environmentally features include:
Waterproof, vegetanned Full grain leather.
Semi-sealed construction.
50% post-consumer recycled linings.
Metal hardware for durability.
Re-cycled steel shank.
Comfort-tech contoured sockliner.
IMEVA midsole for cushioning and support.
Re-cycled rubber outsole content.
It's a very comfortable boot with a generous width and feels pretty tough with good quality leather and a good tread on the sole for those muddy conditions we so often encounter. It has extra waterproof protection in the form of an "Ion mask" coating and the box has a handle so you won't need a bag (even more environmentally friendly).
So all in all a good solid boot, very environmentally friendly for a leather boot and at a very decent price of only €105.

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