Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moving Everest!

Oh boy do we have a surprise for you this month.

As you probably recognise, in the photo right is the Hillary step on mount Everest. This is exactly the point at which we will make our first incision. What??!!! I hear you say, Incision??!!! - Yes, that's right - We will be chopping off the top 100ft (approximately) of the great mountain and bringing it back to Cork where it belongs.

Obviously this is not a job for novices so we recruited two of the best in the rock chopping/sawing business, Sam and Dave of "Massive Choppers Ltd" (pictured below in training for the Everest mission). Sam has personally designed and built one of the largest hand held metal saws ever made especially for our needs (it's about twice the size of the one in the photo below so it's massive!)

I won't go into too much detail but as you would expect, we can't just turn up with a junior hacksaw and start working away - so we will be putting up some scaffolding on each side of the mountain to allow us to move the saw back and forth and cut into the rock. Without that, this would be a much tougher mission. Once we have it cut through, it will be lifted by helicopter and flown direct to my house in East Cork (location being kept secret for now).

I have drawn up a visual below of what it will look like when the scaffold is up an sawing begins.

Once we have the summit safe and sound in Cork we will let you know but we expect to be back in about a week or so, providing we won't have to change saw blades half way through or anything like that.

Anyway, we'll let you know when it's ready and we will be running guided walks around and up the summit for only €2.

cheers for now, your dedicated Mahers mountaineering team.

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