Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cycling kit.

Just to let you all know we have an ever expanding
range of cycle wear which already includes the following
kit. From the very affordable Dare2B range (amazing quality for such low prices) we have everything from jerseys to cycling specific soft shells, waterproof shells
with a slim, cycling type fit, padded shorts/undershorts and mountain bike style outer shorts with removable padded inners, perfect for a more casual look or for those not into lycra.

Dare2B mens Soft Shell.

From Ron Hill we have the "bikester" trousers, a very close relative of the legendary "trackster" running pant (which we also stock), a fitted but not skin tight trouser with a water repellent treatment, fantastic for leisure riding as well as club rides for those (once again) who are averse to lycra. Also from Ron Hill are some high quality padded shorts/undershorts and some really stylish high visibility jackets, very lightweight, wind and shower proof.

Ron Hill lightweight jackets.

We also have some lovely short sleeved cycling jerseys by Helly Hansen (see picture below) and many other items by a number of other brands that will cross over a number of different outdoor activities.

Helly Hansen "Gaupe" cycling top.

As the last great American President said "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride"

And with that I bid you adieu my little ridemonkeys.

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