Monday, April 12, 2010

New Freeflow Rucsacs!

Hello again boys and girls!

Today will be looking at the new Berghaus "Freeflow" range of Rucsacs that have now dropped through our door and onto our shelves (well, they are actually little metal rods that the bags hang from but hey, I'm losing direction here...focus man, focus).

The new colours are fantastic (most of the colours we have are not even on the Berghaus website yet hence the lack of photos), with slightly different detailing to last year which we all think works well.
The main difference this year is that the trampoline style back system has been cut away slightly to improve fit and comfort and the stretch pockets on the side make it much easier to access them even while the pack is still on your back. There are quite a few small changes that you wouldn't even notice without putting the pack on - some small tweaks have made for an even more comfortable pack that sits even better on the back than it did.
There is also a pro version available (in the larger pack sizes) which has an aluminium frame and internal plate, allowing the air gap between pack and back to be smaller for added stability - The plate does, however, have a small amount of flex so that it moves with you a little - This is a good thing. The pro version also has a "revolve" hip belt for increased freedom of movement and stash pockets on the hip belt too.
So, nothing revolutionary but then why fix it when it ain't broke! - The small changes that have been made just put the finishing touches to a pack that was already very good indeed.
a bientot mes petit fromages

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