Thursday, January 28, 2010


I thought someone did a review on this fantastic bit of kit but it does not look like it so here one goes. About close to three years ago these bad boys (and ladies) brought on to the market with a big ad campaign for the pro wool range. If i can remember we got a big big blow up polar bear and a 20ft canvas poster to make a display area.

While making the area I was thinking to my- self, just another outdoor gimmick to make a bit of money for a couple of months until they come up with something new and better. But three years on and still no sign of somthing else, I have used mine for snowboarding, skiing, American football, gym training and hill -walking from summer to the depths of December in the Reeks with snow and ice around my feet. When it comes to my outdoor gearI am very picky, if its not right the first time it will never be right andI would soon sell it on but not this oh no not this!

I'll be personal for a sec, the feeling it gives you is that someone you love, mine would be Megan Fox, is giving you a huge hug and not letting go. REALLY. The wicking properties on this is immense, the mili second you sweat any moisture the polypropylene (47%) grabs it and smashes it way out to left field making you feel ultra dry. 52% merino built in to it the warmth factor just keeps you at a perfect medium no cold will be found.

Zip tops are great and this bad boy of course has one. Controlling the temperature if you over heat. From September to the end of February you would see me in it... no wait its Ireland sorry I mean all year around. I thought I was in a normal country for a second crazy days. For fashion victims like Donny and soon to be catwealze, for men and women they come in all colours and if you're a man who likes the colour of the womens then we are not stopping you,happy days!!

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