Friday, January 29, 2010



Down through the years we have done many waterproof pants from the cheap and cheerful to the not so cheap. But at the end of the day you pay for what you get.

Today though we are taking Berghaus and exploring some of their most popular pant. As a fantastic pant with out blowing the wallet wide open and using their own waterproofing Berghaus introduce to you the "Deluge" pant. As a pair of waterproof and breathable pant for € 60 you really can't go wrong. It comes with a three quarter zip up to the hip & draw cord to fasten up. It has mesh lining to knee and from there down just a normal silk type material to keep the pant well fitted.They also pack dowm small and are extremely lightweight without sacrificing too much durability.

If you're a person who likes to do things a bit more extrem (that's the way Berghaus spell it). OH BABY do we got the pants for you. Are you ready. This pant is your hardcore mountaineering pant. Here comes the science (just like the ad!) Goretex pro shell with a 48 metre hydro static head waterproofing, and its so breathable that it has 1.5 billion holes per square inch water can't get in but air can flow out making in breathe. Fact!!!!!!. Your welcome.

This couloir pant has some kick ass features just like my dance moves like full length venting zips on each leg, reinforced cordura kick panels ( just in case you wear crampons ). The detachable internal gaiters are a key feature in any high quality pant & these have them. Braces on a pant are a bit of an issue to people, some like and some don't. So what I say to them (bar being picky) they're detachable so they will suit everyone on or off, easy out!They are a bit more expensive at 240euro but like I said at the start you get what you pay for and these are packed with features!

All and all we have a pant for every event and expedition too.

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