Thursday, July 23, 2009

meindl vakuum

So are you fed up of boots that takes weeks to break in.
So this is one of many boots that i own and when in Rome i said one would write about it. I start with the Burma cause it is a fantastic piece of kit and you really can't do anymore with one of the most popular boots to hit the Irish market ever bar none. Or can you????????

About four years ago Lars and the boys back at Meindl hq asked themselves "how do we make one of the most well fitted boots again but different"? They then decided to put a more aggressive sole on to a boot which is fantastic for acid type mud aka farm ground.With a vibram sole is less likely to get clogged by mud they put a eva/p.u. mid-sole rather than pure p.u. It is slightly lighter and more cushioned, another nice feeling about the boot is it has a slightly lower feeling closer to the ground. One of the great things about the vakuum boot is they came out with a higher rand for more protection on the boot (i think its great, personally i would not buy a pair without a rand).The main idea about this boot is the memory foam system. As the Burma only has it in the heel the next step is why not all around so they did.... they called it the VAKUUM.

Having problems with breaking in shoes boots and even sandals when the time came in Germany i was handed a pair by one of the bros from the meindl and there and then was told come on we are going for a four hour hike. Suddenly the words that sound nothing like banannaramma came to mind. :-). D-day came knowing i was the only Irish guy there among our fellow brothers from across the water (Great Britain) felt i had to do my share and beat them to the top and beat them down blisters or no blisters, it was game on even if they did not know they were in a competition i didn't care! I had to be number one. Of course i was "come on who could beat me"?

Once i got back to the mini bus the very first thing i did was check the down stairs hands.Once the laces were swung off and the boots popped off out of know where steam rose up like a geyser, no wonder since i was walking hard like a person who was walking hard . No word of a lie not one little mark on my down stairs hands. I was stunned for the first time ever not one bit of pain. I thought i could have taken them out of the shop and gone up the Reeks for a couple of days. You're wondering why this happened? In the back of the boot there is a stretch lining allowing mfs to work even better, the best thing is you feel no seams in heel which is awesome. At a price of 230 euro it is something that could last you years upon years if you look after it alright with the proper tools. Resole is also an option. They do a fantastic job on them to.

If you have any question just let a comment and i will contact you with an answer

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