Tuesday, June 2, 2009

review on vango banshee tent

Hi kieran here,

One of your many experts on tents in here !!!!!!!!!!. This blog which is kinda weird to me and don't get will be on the Vango Banshee. This tent comes in a two or three person size. This is a two pole tent with (al poles) system. The things I like about the Banshee was the space inside it, for a 6'4ft 13.5 stone dude like myself with the 35 ltr pack it was ideal for the night or two on the hills and that was with two people in it !!!. So on that note comfy out.

I've been using Vango tents since my Scouting days from Ireland to Switzerland so the quality is fantastic, second to none. The waterproofing on the Banshee has a hsh (hydro static head) of 3000mm which to be fair is awesome for Ireland and any light- weight travelling." NOW WHAT IS THE PORCH LIKE" ??. I hear the masses shouting from afar. And I say to ye," it is good for cooking out of and storing your gear at night max 45-50 ltr pack". All in all no complaints and at a weight of 2kg for the 200 and 2.5 for the 300 to be fair is unreal for a tent that costs 120euro and 130euro its a steal!


  1. I also enjoy camping especially bell tents.
    Do you review canvas tents?

  2. Hey ogwell we don't sell them but i have stayed a night in a bell tent once and it was grand.Tents with canvas are great for a nights sleep. If you ever get the chance to sleep in a islantic tent do it cause it is brill to be fair. I must have spent a year by now in them

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