Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi Kieran here,

As you can see from the photo above we in the shop have decided to put a "Starter kit" together for men and women. What we are offering is the following;

-Waterproof jacket
-Waterproof pant
-Trekking pant
-Base layer
The whole kit is available for the fantastic price of only €120!!!


The jacket is waterproof and breathable with a mesh lining for comfort.It's also lightweight and packs away into its pocket and it comes in a variety of colours. A steal at only 50euro


So this piece of the kit is the one 1 really like. One of many reasons for this is because of the good old full side zip. The last thing you want to be doing in the lashing rain is taking off your boots cause the pants won't go over them. This has happened to me in my youth ,not really fun in the Galtys or anywhere else for that matter! So the moral of this story is get pants you can put on over your boots. Oh I nearly forgot they're super lightweight and packable too! A mere 30euro!


The trekking pant is called the Regatta Geo and its a pant we having been doing for a long time. And it's really versatile. When you feel like its too hot or you just like to show off your legs like me they give you the option of turning them into shorts which is nice !!!!. The handy thing is that Regatta is one of only a handful of companiesthat allow you to choose between a short, regular and long leg. Its handy for the Tall people like me with a 34 leg to not so lanky people like Paul and Brian. So on that note in the words of "ACDC" "WE SALUTE YOU". Again thirty euro. NOTE. We are up to 120 euro now.


In my top 100 items to wear as well as pants and socks is this lovely item. A micro fleece. On any average day like today which is sunny but not very cold it's too heavy to wear a full- on fleece but too cold to wear just a t-shirt, guess what is awesome to wear.....? No, not a cap but a micro fleece! This micro fleece is great value in this offer at 20 euro. We in the shop( the best outdoor shop in cork bar none) have a unreal deal which is 2 for 30!!!. I kinda think its a steal. SO BUY IT.


The history behind the base layer goes back 100's of years, originally designed and thought of by monks in china I think I saw it some where on the Internet....?? People like Scott, Hillary and me (Kieran) have worn them, so anyway back to more important issue's. It comes in at 20 euro its called the "TRANSCEND TEE" and to be fair when I put it on its lovely to wear and looks good too. Q: What does it do?

A: This technical piece of gear lets your skin stay dry. It takes the sweat from your body and release it further on to other layers. For cold and warm areas its fantastic 'cos the last thing you want is to get a cold anywhere.


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